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Euka Power Co.,LTD

EukaPower, which undertakes power application technology from EEI, was established in 2018. Energy Storage System(ESS) and related technology are cores of EukaPower that  the most effective green energy and energy generation. In addition, EukaPower integrates EV charger technology to develop energy consumption solutions.

EukaPower, which provides solutions and smart grid application in all domains include energy generation, energy storage and energy consumption, is the pioneer in this industry in Taiwan.

充電樁與小儲能設備  應用  傑明新能源

Applications of General Home/Commercial ESS, with storage system, battery and charger.


Solutions for areas like household,appartment complex or bussiness shop, EV vehcles charging use, expand the application of green energy and energy-saving features.

Application Models


Project application of PV Panels, self-consumption, load-Shifting, countryside areas.

復興鄉 太陽能屋頂  傑明新能源
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