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MPPT String Boost

EEI MPPT optimizer is a string optimizer that integrates the functions of MPPT and combiner box.
String-level design, easy to install, cost-effective. Each string of photovoltaic modules can be optimized to harvest the most input energy.
Combined with EEI Master solar inverters, photovoltaic systems can be updated; EEI Master hybrid inverters are combined to build hybrid industrial plants and power plants.
Other advantages:

  • Constant output voltage reduces DC cable size

  • Higher transfer efficiency between optimizer and inverter

  • Work point monitoring function

  • Different photovoltaic panel technologies can be used in the same system

MPPT 太陽能優化器
MPPT優化器 設備圖

DC Battery Charger  

EEI battery DC chargers are the solution for integrating batteries into energy storage systems and hybrid systems.
Offers a wide range of battery connection voltages and provides dedicated input channels for each battery pack, enabling more flexible energy storage management.

  • Wide DC voltage range

  • Modular design, can be connected in parallel, easy to achieve power expansion

  • Each battery pack has a dedicated independent input

  • Battery control via standard communication protocols

DC charger 直電池充電器
DC charger 直電池充電器

Charging pile

Create a smart green cycle charging/swapping station

  • Reducing dependence on Taipower: Regional Microgrid.

  • Convenience and benefits: Provide convenience for electric vehicle/locomotive owners to charge and replace batteries.

  • Green energy benefit: Combining green electricity and energy storage, using green oil produced by waste petrochemical products to provide generator power generation and solar photovoltaic power generation, and store green electricity in energy storage equipment to create green energy, store energy, and use energy intelligently .

Green Energy Electric Locomotive
Charging and swapping station

Combining solar energy, DC charging piles, and 5kW small energy storage

機車充電樁 傑明新能源

Green Energy Electric Vehicle
Convenient Charging Station

Combining solar energy, slow-charging AC charging piles, and 5kW small energy storage


Green Energy Electric Vehicle
Super charging station

Combination of generator (biodiesel), solar energy, DC charging pile, 100kW energy storage equipment

汽車充電器 壁掛式直流機

Flexible configuration scheme

工廠儲能應用 逆變器與電池充電器結合

Solution 1 Energy Storage System
The combination of an inverter and a battery charger can integrate a large-capacity battery into an energy storage solution.

發電產電端 太陽能結合優化器與儲能

Option Two Solar System
The combination of the inverter and the maximum power tracking (MPPT) optimizer can achieve higher power generation output.

太陽能電站 太陽能結合優化器與電池儲能系統

Option 3 Solar power station combined with battery energy storage
The combination of inverter, maximum power tracking (MPPT) optimizer and battery charger will constitute a comprehensive solar and battery integrated solution, which can be flexibly expanded according to demand.

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