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Photovoltaic Energy Storage System

Worried about your solar energy & used by oneself but can't run out?
Worried about peak hours from evening to night, when the sun goes down, there is no green power to use?

Power of RE100

net zero carbon reduction
Use of green electricity


Store surplus power

efficient use of solar energy
Provide stable power quality

benefit optimization

Break through the sunshine limit
Optimize power allocation according to actual needs

Shaving peaks and filling valleys

The solar power through an integrated energy storage system

storage and discharge it for use during peak electricity consumption and Taipower peak hours.

Can break through the sunshine period limit. It can also better meet the actual needs and more

The mode of interest optimizes power allocation !

光儲一體 削峰填谷

Solar photovoltaic power generation

Smooth power supply

Battery charge and discharge control

The difference between the average maximum power consumption during the week and the degree of PV solar power generation

光儲一體 削峰填谷

PV solar power generation exceeds electricity consumption

Estimated value

—— Electricity consumption during the week   
——Average Power Consumption    -
——average power generation

The integrated energy storage cabinet stores solar power generation and discharges it for use during peak power consumption and peak hours of Taipower, which can break through the limitation of sunshine hours, and can better match actual needs and optimize power allocation in a more profitable mode. The energy storage system can help more complete use of solar power generation, and it is also a big assist in the utilization rate of green energy!


electricity trading
PCS: M300 (300kW)
BESS: 630kWh


PCS: M300 (300kW)
BESS: 630kWh


product specification


  • Battery capacity: 105kWh/210kWh

  • ▪ Working voltage: 650V~750V

  • ▪ Standard voltage: 710V

  • ▪ Environmental temperature: 0~40°C

  • ▪ Environmental humidity: R.H. 15-90%

  • ▪ Safety certification: UL1642, UL1973, UL9540 UL9540A (In Pr ogress)

PCS - M300/M750

▪ Rated voltage: 3∮4W 400V ac(+10%/-10%)

▪ Voltage frequency: 50/60Hz

▪ Maximum power: 330kW/750kW

▪ Operating temperature range: 0~50°C

▪ Relative humidity range: 5% to 95%

(Non condensing)

▪ Safety certification: VPC/EN 62109-1,

EN 62109-2, IEC 62477-1

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