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Remote Areas
Islanded Microgrid

Worry-free electricity usage

Small energy storage and solar power generation,
Clean, green and pollution-free



Small energy storage immediately supplies power when power is off
Basic Living Electricity Communications

Perpetual education

Course Experience Green Energy and Environmental Protection
Tourism combines community interaction and industry experience

Environmental location is inferior, power outages, disasters come, easy to become a power island?!

Clean green energy without pollution
When the power is cut off, the small energy storage will immediately supply power to maintain the uninterrupted power consumption of important electrical appliances, so it can maintain communication with the outside world during disasters! Combined with the intelligent management system, it can achieve the goal of energy saving, create a sustainable environment, and integrate with ESG.
Worry-free electricity usage
Emergencies use
Perpetual education
Rural Microgrid-Taoyuan Fuxing Township Real Scene
Normally, solar power is used to generate energy and store energy. When a disaster strikes, it can provide basic lighting, communication, and people's livelihood power needs, avoiding power outages and telephone outages caused by natural disasters, and building self-generated and self-used rural micro-grid systems.
Taoyuan Fuxing Township serves as a demonstration tribe, providing emergency power for offices, and combining with a smart power management system to extend the effective power supply time, make good use of green energy, and achieve energy-saving goals.

傑明新能源 偏鄉微電網
傑明新能源 偏鄉微電網

EDO 5.0 HU


Small energy storage specifications

  • Size: 540*590*240mm

  • Protection class: IP65

  • AC grid

  • Rated voltage: 230Vac

  • Frequency range: 50 / 60Hz(±5Hz) 

  • Maximum output power: 4999W

  • Power factor: (0.9leading - 0.9lagging)  

  • solar array

  • Maximum input power: 6500W

  • Maximum input voltage: 580V

  • Battery Specifications 5.1 BU

  • Battery capacity: 5.12kWh

  • Working voltage range: 44.8~57.6V

  • Protection class: IP65

  • Rated voltage: 51.2V

  • Voltage range: 40~60V

  • Maximum output current: 80A

  • Charging maximum current: 50A

  • Operating temperature range: 0 ~+50 (charge)/   -10 ~+50 (discharge)

  • Size: 540*490*240mm

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