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Fish farming 

power outage disaster

Build a small microgrid
Ensure uninterrupted power

Photovoltaic storage with electricity saving

Store excess PV power generation
Go to the rest of the time

Use green energy to practice carbon reduction life

Low farming cost, more energy saving and environmental protection
Create a sustainable environment together.

What do fish farms do when there is a power outage?
Oxygen deficiency in fish ponds can cause fatal damage to aquatic organisms
It will cause huge losses to fishermen!
Keeping fish farms running requires a lot of electricity
How to deal with high electricity bills?

Application of solar photovoltaic and small energy storage
Through the independent operation of small energy storage, make full use of solar photovoltaics, reduce the demand for mains electricity, and ensure uninterrupted power supply and communication during disasters
Clean, green and pollution-free, combined with a smart management system, the cost of breeding is low, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and create a sustainable environment.


Fish farming  imports green electricity for self-use   Using green energy to practice carbon reduction life
Based on an area of 293.4 pings per minute of fish farm in Tainan area, about 97.8 kilowatts (kW) of solar photovoltaic system can be installed, which can generate about 342 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity every day (parameter 3.52)

傑明新能源 工業型 儲能櫃

Solar aerator

​Industrial energy storage cabinet

4 waterwheels run 19 hours a day
Save 17-19 degrees of electricity per day

Generate electricity 342 degrees per day
Amortized about 10.5 years


Solar Water Wheel Aerator

Industrial small energy storage

  • DC power supply 48V

  • Output power 300-1500W

  • Motor efficiency 88%

  • Motor speed 0-650rpm

  • Motor weight 13kg

  • Deceleration ratio 7:1

  • Reducer efficiency 96%

  • Reducer weight 12kg

  • System weight 48kg

  • Output power 5kW

  • Voltage range 42Vdc~58Vdc

  • Rated voltage

  • Frequency 50Hz/60Hz

  • Maximum efficiency>96.5%

  • Display LCD

  • Total Harmonic Distortion 3%

  • Power factor>0.99 

  • Communication RS-485

  • Protection class IP 22

  • Temperature range 5 °C~40 °C

  • Relative humidity 0~95%

  • Physical size 580X480X168(mm)

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