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Product equipment

Energy Storage

 ✔ Cut peaks and fill valleys
✔Backup power supply
✔Charging pile


The EDO system includes all the components needed to transform the energy produced by photovoltaic panels into usable energy for
household consumption or to store it in the integrated battery and
use it in the moment of real need.

  • Compatible with All Photovoltaic Plants

  • APP-intelligent Energy On Your Hands

  • Ip65- Resistant And Safe,allows Outdoor Installation

  • Design for home

  • Balance microgrids to ensure critical load safety

PV Inverter

 ✔  Peak decrease
✔   Micro-Grid
✔   Charging use

EukaDO iDO

Higher Efficiency
DC/AC Ratio Up to 1.5
Convenient & Light
Type Ⅱ SPD
API / VPP Ready

Commercial ESS

Energy Storage Battery Prefabricated Cabin


Liquid-cooled energy storage solutions, 

Safety and fire protection to form a modular, standardised and intelligent energy storage battery

prefabricated cabin system.

"Minimalist" design concept to provide customers with safe, reliable, affordable, high-quality and easy-to-use energy storage products,

Simpler, simpler to use, and simpler to operate and maintain.

Max Bess Is An All-in-one System Consisting Of: Inverter, Batteries,BMU And Energy Management System


• Storage capacity of 72 kWh
• Integrated PCS with power up to 70 kW
• LFP batteries for longer life and safety
• Monitoring with local interface
• Remote access via web server
• Modular system with a wide range of configurations

Heavy Industries Storage

EukaPower with
Acumen Precision EMS Controls


EukaPower ‒ Turnkey ESS
Easy to assemble and functionally tested to reduce on-sitework and cost
Commissioning and annual maintenance included
Flexible design options to match application needs via Modularity
Fully integrated PCS and EMS

Grid Energy Storage

✔Grid-connected pre-meter auxiliary service
✔PV photoelectric composite application
✔Auxiliary service for back and forth calls


Witty series

Quick Response - Power Type

Model: W01-3003-1-P
Inverter Power: 300KW*3
Battery capacity: 1MWh

Model: W01-7502-1.5-P
Inverter power: 750KW*2
Battery capacity: 1.5MWh

傑明新能源 Witty功率型電網級表後儲能

✔ Shaving peaks and filling valleys

✔Large consumer of electricity

✔Backup power supply

✔Charging pile

Luxes series

Frequency Adjustment - Frequency Type

Model: L01-7503-2-P
Inverter power: 750KW*3
Battery capacity: 2MWH

Model: L01-7504-3-P
Inverter power: 750KW*4
Battery capacity: 3MWH

傑明新能源 Luxe 頻率型電網級表後儲能
傑明 儲能搭配不同需求
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