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傑明新能源 電池簇

Euka Power Co., LTD

Euka Power Co., Ltd. was established in 2018,Undertake the original electronic application technology of EEI in Italy, with energy storage related equipment and technology as the core, To assist green energy and creative energy to bring out the best benefits,Combined with high-speed power supply technology to develop energy solutions.

It is the only technology-leading company in Taiwan that provides comprehensive energy solutions for energy creation, energy storage, and energy utilization, as well as smart grid applications.



It meets the charging needs of general consumers for electric vehicles and motorcycles, and is equipped with multiple payment solutions to connect the mobile life circle. The smart grid architecture creates regional power balance and establishes a constant power home that is not affected by disasters.


business side

Link car dealers, charging pile installation sites and charging equipment platforms with a membership structure to create a convenient and affordable charging supply environment. PV optimization equipment assists solar photovoltaics to play a more efficient role and create profits for manufacturers.



Develop various energy-related equipment and construction industries, comprehensively improve Taiwan's smart electricity environment, reduce the construction of traditional power generation equipment, and maximize the efficient application of energy.

Company Profile

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