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Eco house


Store excess PV power generation

Store excess PV power generation
Go to the rest of the time


Compatible with solar

Realize self-use
Rapid power supply during power outages


High-quality charging pile

Take advantage of the time at home
Charge yourself and your car!


​Want to live in a green building amid global trends?Want to use solar power to generate electricity for your own use?
Three-in-one energy creation, energy storage, and energy savingLet a comfortable life and a sustainable environment be owned once!
The energy storage system can also be managed through the APP, and it is safest to view it in real time!

The EDO small energy storage system can quickly switch the discharge mode during a power outage to ensure undisputed power consumption. It can also be equipped with charging piles for electric vehicles, and can even be used in conjunction with solar panels to store excess power for self-use.

All in one system
greatly reduce the size

EDO combines inverter and energy storage battery, only 24CM thick

傑明新能源 家用儲能 EDO
傑明新能源 家用儲能 EDO

EDO 5.0 HU

With charging pile
Charge green electricity at home!

Taiwan has the largest up-and-coming charging pile, providing stable charging quality

傑明新能源 家用 營業 充電站 充電樁

Charging pile


EDO 5.0 HU

  • Size: 540*590*240mm

  • Protection class: IP65

  • AC grid

  • Rated voltage: 230Vac

  • Frequency range: 50 / 60Hz(±5Hz) 

  • Maximum output power: 4999W

  • Power factor: (0.9leading -   0.9lagging)  

  • solar array

  • Maximum input power: 6500W

  • Maximum input voltage: 580V

  • Battery Specifications 5.1 BU

  • Battery capacity: 5.12kWh

  • Working voltage range: 44.8~57.6V

  • Protection class: IP65

  • Rated voltage: 51.2V

  • Voltage range: 40~60V

  • Maximum output current: 80A

  • Charging maximum current: 50A

  • Operating temperature range: 0 ~+50 (charge)/   -10 ~+50 (discharge)

  • Size: 540*490*240mm

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