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Daya Energy Storage Microgrid System Launched
Mayor Huang was invited to attend

大亞儲能微電網系統啟用 黃市長應邀出席
大亞儲能微電網系統啟用 黃市長應邀出席

Dare Group held the "Dare Energy Storage Micro-grid System Inauguration Ceremony" at Tainan Guanmiao Headquarters on the 22nd. Tainan Mayor Huang Weizhe was invited to attend. The mayor said that energy storage facilities are a very important link in the development of green energy. Breakthrough progress in energy storage facilities and the entry into mass production is an important step in building Tainan into a green energy city, and it also provides reassurance for Taiwan's green energy development.
The mayor pointed out that the development of green energy is not only the trend of Taiwan, but also the trend of all countries in the world. However, green energy power generation has a time limit, and it is difficult to generate power continuously for 24 hours. Therefore, it must be equipped with energy storage facilities. A 600kW 200kW energy storage micro-grid system is installed to store the off-peak electricity and provide it for dispatching during peak hours. The mayor expressed his affirmation for Ta Ya Group's opportunity to invest in the energy storage industry.
The mayor said that energy storage has the concept of environmental protection and green energy, and it also allows companies to save a lot of huge energy costs. The mayor cited the 311 Japan earthquake as an example. The electricity in the peak or night time period is stored first, and can be used in the peak period of electricity consumption such as noon. Such a simple adjustment action can save electricity bills for individuals and families, and can also make the country's power supply more stable; the mayor thanked The support of energy storage systems from all walks of life is expected to not only be used by medium and large users in the future, but also be extended to general users.
In response to the government's 2025 non-nuclear homeland policy goal and the reform of Taiwan's new electricity industry law, Ta Ya Group independently built an energy storage micro-grid system in the Tainan Guanmiao plant area. In the short term, it mainly provides power dispatching for the Daya Guanmiao plant area. Shen Shanghong, chairman of Asia Group, said that renewable energy is unstable. Ta Asia shouldered the mission and invested in the development of energy storage at an early stage. It is hoped that in the future, when the energy storage technology matures, it can gain a foothold in the energy storage market.
Ta Ya Group stated that Ta Ya Energy Storage Microgrid System has entrusted its Synergy Energy Company with a global patent layout to carefully plan, execute, and build it, making Ta Ya Group one of the few in Taiwan that has the ability to independently plan and build large-scale energy storage microgrid systems. one of the manufacturers. "Da Ya Energy Storage Micro-grid" is the first step for Da Ya Group to step into energy storage micro-grid. With the company's strong research and development technology and patent layout, it is expected to bring a new wave of shock to Taiwan's energy storage micro-grid market.

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