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Promote new energy technology
CUHK and Jamin New Energy Establish a "Joint R&D Center"

中央大學能源屋 傑明新能源
中央大學 傑明新能源股份有限公司 聯合研發中心揭牌儀式

Taiwan has been short of electricity for a long time, and the research and development of energy storage and energy creation is becoming more and more important. On December 5, National Central University held a signing and unveiling ceremony of the "Joint Research and Development Center" with Jieming New Energy Company. The two parties will devote themselves to cultivating talents and promoting new energy technologies; at the same time The Italian high-power power modulation system equipment provided by Gemin will be used to improve the research related to the large power industry and create a win-win situation.
The signing ceremony was signed by Zhou Jingyang, President of Central University, and Zhou Shanshan, Chairman of Gemin New Energy. The participants included Zhang Jiren, General Manager of Gemin New Energy Company, Wang Jianyu, Deputy General Manager of Business, Xiao Shusan, Dean of the College of Engineering, Central University, and Zhong Zhiang, Director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering , Professor Zeng Zhongren from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Professor Chen Zhengyi from the Department of Electrical Engineering, etc., all participated in the witness and announced the joint establishment of the "Joint R&D Center" in front of the White Energy House. President Zhou Jingyang of National Central University said that National Central University participated in and led Taiwan's national energy technology projects in the past. Professor Zeng Zhongren of the Department of Mechanical Engineering also received a subsidy from the Ministry of Science and Technology's forward-looking project to implement the "Smart Energy Technology Development for Low-Energy Buildings" project. The development of energy technology has a place. He is pleased with the recent smart manufacturing and smart energy of the School of Engineering, which has added many world-class equipment, so that students can obtain better learning resources.
Chang Ji-ren, general manager of Jamin New Energy, said that the core of Taiwan's development of the large power industry requires the combination of information and communication technology (ICT) to create advantages. At present, what is urgently needed is talent cultivation, industry-university cooperation with universities, hoping to jointly develop brains. I am very glad that the cooperation between the two parties can stand on the shoulders of giants. Through the original 270 kW high-power PCS power modulation system equipment of the Italian company Equipaggiamenti Elettronici Industriali (EEI), the research resources are enriched, and I hope that the big electronics industry can take root in Taiwan in the future. .

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